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  • Product Name: 8-key-controller (Panel)
  • Product Mobel: ES-ES- CON-M8KEY-3CH
  • Images: 8-key-controller (Panel)
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                    ●        Work temperature: -20-60

                    ●        Supply voltage: DC5V, DC12V,DC24Vorder Indicate required voltage

                    ●        Size: 120*75*31mm          

                    ●        Package size:145*95*50mm

                    ●        Net weight: 105g           

                    ●        Gross weight: 135g         

                    ●        0utput: Three CMOS drain open-circuit output 

                    ●        Connecting mode: common anode common cathode

                    ●        Static power: : <1W   

                    ●        Output current : < 3A(each channel)   

                    ●        Output power: 5V< 45W, ,12V< 108W,  24V<216W

                    ●        The product have three channels, control programs have fixed several (25) change for choice

                    ●        All of the brightness and the speed is adjustable, have control lockup function.


Model: ES-CON-M8KEY-3CH-LVL=5/12/24

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