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  • Product Name: LED High bay Light 10~40W
  • Product Mobel: ES-HB10~40W
  • Images: LED High bay Light 10~40W
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Input Voltage: AC85~265V
Power 10~40W
Output Voltage DC30~36V
Luminous flux 950-1000LM
Beam angle 45°/90°/120°


Dimmable / Non-dimmable




vUser instruction:


n Rated operational voltage: AC85~265V 50/60HZ. The input voltage should be stable to avoid large fluctuation. It should be no more than rated operational voltage.

n Ambient temperature for storage:-25°C+60°C

       Aambient temperature for working:-30°C+50°C

       Best ambient temperature for working:-0°C+30°C

n The volume of the reflector is large and easy to suffer from deformation. It should be handled with care. To avoid deformation, heavy loading is forbidden.




uInput Voltage: AC85~265, AC110~277V

uLED Chips: Epistar/ Bridgelux/ Epileds/ Others

uIP Rating: IP65






1. Optional Angles : 45°~60°/ 90°/ 120°.

2. Optional Types of reflectors:

       -- Aluminum reflector (Frosted/ Polished)

       -- PC reflector

3. Optional Types of Covers:

-- Lens Cover ( Better light transmission, Better condensation effect, More uniform and even illumination)

-- PC Cover

4. Optional Luminous Efficiency: 80~90LM/W, 90~100LM/W, 100~110LM/W, 110~120LM/W, 120~130LM/W. 

5. Integrated High Power LED Light Sourcewith high luminous efficiency, low light decay and long service life.

6. The Construction of The Light:

--Lampshade: It is made with high quality section aluminum.

--Heatsink: Unique heat dissipation structure design and anodized surface of the heatsink. For Super High Power lights of more than 150w, thefin-type heatsink technology maximizes the surface area for superior cooling performance.

--Electrical box: There is built-in driverinside. The efficiency of the driver ismorethan 83%. There is a wide range of input voltage (AC85~265V). It is constant output current. The power factor is higher than 0.95.It can avoid harmonic pollution to the power system.

7. It is excellent in stability and has passed CE, ROHS, IEC60598

8. Good Waterproof Performance: There is waterproof washer at the junction of the fittings. The pouring sealant is used for waterproof treatment. The waterproof performance is excellent.




nLarge factory, workshop, warehouse, supermarkets, exhibition halls and wholesale market;

nhighway toll stations, gas stations, stadiums, airport, subway, cloverleaf junction and architecture field, etc.


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