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  • Product Name: 300*300 LED Panel Light
  • Product Mobel: ES-P-3031-SMD3528
  • Images: 300*300 LED Panel Light
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Input Voltage: AC85~265V
Power 55W
Type of LED SMD3528
Size: 300*300mm


Dimmable / Non-dimmable


uInput Voltage: AC85~265, AC110~277V

uLED Chips: Epistar/ Bridgelux/ Epileds/ Others

uIP Rating: IP65






1. Super Thin

2. Wide range of input voltage: AC85-265V;

3. Excellent performance

    --High brightness, high color rendering index, low light decay and even light output;

--Good heat dissipation techniques and insulation structure ensure safety and reliability;

--Instant start, no flickering or humming;

4. Long life span: 5 years; The average rated life of the conventional lights is between 2000 hours and 5000 hours. The average life expectancy of LED Panel lights is 50,000 hours (5 years).

5. High efficiency andenergy-saving: energy saving up to 50%~70%;

6. Environmentally friendly: 100% recycled materials; no UV, IR, mercury, or other hazardous material included;

7. Safe and reliable: Advanced constant current driver with special design of short-circuit protection, open circuit protection and overload protection benefit your health and property; no electrical wave, conforming to CE standard;

8. Special design of the circuit: each group of LEDs work separately, avoiding any problem of light output caused or influenced by single faulty LED;

9. No RF interference;

10. Certificates: CE, ROHS and IEC60598;




nLarge factory, workshop, warehouse, supermarkets, exhibition halls and wholesale market;

nhighway toll stations, gas stations, stadiums, airport, subway, cloverleaf junction and architecture field, etc.




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