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advantages of Led Light

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Why More and more people use Led Light instead of Incandescent and Halogen lighting.In my opinion. Everyone will think it save energy and more long Lifespan.

Led is abreviation of words "Light Emitting Diode". Such as Led Bulb

Why the smaller Led bulbs be better than Led 60W incandescent bulb that be replaced for years now. 

1. Low energy consumption is one of  advantages of Led light compare with Incandescent and Halogen lighting. The halogen lighting uses 10 - 50 watts Which same as led tube use energy just 3 - 10 watts. so you know how led tube save energy . 

2.The long lifetime of led tube. Average lifetime of led tube are more than 50000 hours. Pls imagine quantity of incandescent or halogen light be replaced during this period. 

 Led light can full brightness instantly. Have You noticed when you switch on the incandescent or halogen light they would tend to warm up quite long. And You will get the needed brighter light only after some time. But For led Light. You don't need to wait for light to warm up. 

 If Youre more interested in Led lighting then there are also various colors, dimmable versions of led lightbulbs , all kinds of energy output and so on.

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